One of the key aspects in creating a website that needs to cater to an audience is its ability to deliver the services that it can provide online. You can always choose to create a team of employees to specialize in certain services in the website, so that you can answer to your customers’ every call. However, this is very impractical, especially given the fact that many businesses, especially startups, cannot afford to do so because they will waste so much time and use so much money to cover the expenses for the services of every employee that is assigned to the job. Instead of your business gaining income, it will lose money, and it might become bankrupt quicker than when it had started.

In order to remedy this kind of problem, a company decided to create a software that specializes in such arrays of tasks. Not only did this become a great software to use, it also helped many businesses generate enough traffic in their websites that it affected them positively, since they gained so many loyal customers as a result. This software is named WHCMS, and this name also belongs to the said company who made it. 

WHMCS, which stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution, is a web hosting automation software that specializes in saving time and money in having to do repetitive tasks that you have to do when you have created your own website. This includes billing transactions such as invoice email distribution, subscription email mailing listings, domain mapping, and customer support query categorization.

Overall, this is a very handy software that you will definitely need, especially if you wish to create a very interactive website that may even require many viewers and customers to submit information to acquire your services, or at least inquire about them. If you do not have WHMCS, and you are a lone business with the manpower of less than ten people, you may find that you will have a very hard time in reaching viewers and turning them into clients and customers for your business.

Some WordPress theme creators have decided to make life easier for their clients by creating WHCMS WordPress themes, in which you will find some great samples in the list below. You may think they are not needed if you have built a commercial website that is only meant to endorse products, but you may find them interesting once you have decided to entertain viewers in your website.

You will find that some of these themes are more flexible than others because of various design layouts, but rest assured that you can use at least one of them for your website, no matter what type of industry you are from, unless they are themes that can only entertain a certain niche market. If this is the case, you do not need to further persist on using it, because we have listed other options that you may find compatible with your website and your company’s business

Valence – Website Hosting Company Theme + WHMCS

Valence is a website hosting company WordPress theme that has a rating of 4.20 out of 5 stars for its impressive flexibility but may lack in some features if the updates do not roll out on time. Using Visual Composer and AJAX Contact Form plugins, you can get more opportunities to get any kind of website you wish to create. This theme has a W3C validated code, which is vital for many companies who wish to have a quality website in order to comply to formatting standards. Thus, the two available versions that you can use when creating your website is sure to be free from code errors, which makes it easy to customize and manage, which is boosted by WHMCS.

Valence is mobile friendly and supports many browsers, so you are sure to have a great-looking and a functional website no matter which device or browser your customer uses.

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Bluishost – Responsive WHMCS Theme

Bluishost is a responsive web hosting theme that can be used by any software company or web hosting businesses. This theme uses WHMCS along with plugins such as Visual Composer, Contact Form 7, Waypoints, jQuery Counter UP, and jquery ajax chimp ,it gets a rating of 4.20 out of 5 stars based on user reports that the blend of various software allow for many designs to choose from,  but needs to be updated manually in order to get its full benefits from the latest update.

If you are a web hosting company, you will benefit from the various WHMCS themes that feature hosting table prices to set the price in domains that you sell or web hosting services that you offer. Merchandise pages are also available for you should you wish to sell miscellaneous products that are related to your brand. Blogs can also use this theme if they are software-related.

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Hoskia – Multipurpose Hosting WordPress Theme with WHMCS integration

Hoskia is another hosting company theme, but also allows for a more flexible approach because cloud companies and VOIP businesses can also use this theme to build their website. It has a rating of 4.00 out of 5 stars because of its great designs that allows other businesses to use the theme, though you may have to contact customer support in case you find bugs that may appear.

It uses the following plugins to make this successful theme: Visual Composer, Contact Form 7, jQuery CounterUP, Waypoints, Owl Carousel, and jquery ajaxchimp. Some of the features that these plugins offer in combination with WHCMS are that you get a very useful Domain Search page to help customers look for available domains, an SSL page that includes prices, Affiliate Pages for marketing specifics, a Data Center Location option, and a Coming Soon Page for upcoming websites that you own up for construction.

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Hostiko – Hosting WordPress + WHMCS

Hostiko earns a rating of 4.45 out of 5 stars because of its great design variations and well-kept documentation, but is not very customizable unless you have moderate to expert level of familiarity to it because it is not very user-friendly. This theme is targeted to hosting companies, and even has templates for useful features such as re seller account pages, VPS plans pages, and a Dedicated Server page. The Domain Search feature is more helpful compared to other themes because it is integrated with WhoIs data, which has a vast database of all the domains available in the internet. Visual Composer, one of its key plugins, gives you a great Mega Menu that lists all the possible pages that you may use on your website.

The VPS Slider can be seen in almost every template design to ensure that you get the most interactive page that you can possibly build.

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HostCluster – WHMCS server and Hosting WordPress Theme

HostCluster is mainly catering to hosting companies, but also includes crypto currency related websites to help bring the new industry the advantage that it needs to get. Due to its great design variations, it is also regarded as being very flexible, thus earning a rating of 4.88 out of 5 stars. Some of the plugins that you may need that are included are Slider Revolution and Video & Background Parallax that are mainly responsible for its great aesthetics.

This is a very flexible theme because it includes a theme panel that allows you to  change the features of the website using the admin page, which is powered by WP Bakery Page Builder. Because it uses WP Bakery Page Builder, you will no longer need to learn a single line of code in order to ensure that the website is efficient. It also allows changes to the website typography to allow further customization.

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MegaHost – Elementor Hosting WordPress Theme

MegaHost is another hosting company-oriented theme that has a rating of 4.33 out of 5 stars. It is said to be a theme that has a great quality in its design and has many features that are available to use, but it has some bugs. Slider Revolution is the main plugin that is included in the MegaHost along with Mega Menu and Elementor Page Builder.

You can become very transparent in your business because you have the option to add reviews and testimonials of your customers in the website, so your viewers can get a more detailed picture on how your hosting company works and how they will benefit from your services. There are many pages and formats that you can choose from to use in this theme because it fully integrates WHMCS’ features unlike other themes who only wish to apply some selected features, which allows for greater possibilities.

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HostWHMCS – WHMCS Ready WordPress Theme

HostWHMCS is a very responsive theme that is also catered to hosting businesses and has positive reviews regarding its vast customizable features that are built with great codes and have an appealing design. In order to make sure that you get a fully functional site that performs greatly, this theme has included some plugins such as Contact Form 7 in the package. Unlike other themes that only allow you to change the typography of the theme, this has Strong Page Meta options and other theme options that allow you to further customize your website according to your own needs. It also features a lot of WordPress custom widgets, so you can add features that lets your desired outputs come to life.

They have also included WHMCS templates that you may find useful to go along with the theme templates that the creators have to have more options for you to pick.

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InHost – Powerful Hosting WordPress Theme

InHost is a theme that is focused on the following businesses: hosting company, general businesses, corporate businesses, or design agencies, which makes this the most versatile theme in the list so far. It has a rating of 4.21 out of 5 stars due to its great simple yet effective design, though its customer support has some delay responding to user queries.

This modern-looking website uses the Visual Composer and Mega Menu plugins to get its sleek design that are easy to navigate. Slider Revolution helps add more features that you can use along with WooCommerce to build a website that can sell many forms of products. Its unique portfolio plugin that they made will allow you to attach and upload engaging content in your website, ranging from testimonials to project histories. You can also add advertisement banners that you can fill with advertisements from your own company or from others.

You may have noticed that most of these WHMCS WordPress themes are oriented towards hosting companies, so you may find that most of them may not be applicable to your industry. However, there are also other brands of themes that you can use to fully feel the WHMCS WordPress theme experience, even if it’s not from the creator that you may want. In the coming years, there will be more of these types of themes, and the  only way for you to ensure that you get the best from this time of the month is to try out these options.

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