Top 5 page builder plugin for WordPress theme. Building website or web page is kind of technical work so to make it easy page builder are invented. With the help of page builder anyone can build web page and make custom layout. So many WordPress website and theme developed using page builder to make it more user friendly. You need to check and be sure the page builder you will choose is the best choice for you.

WordPress has generously designed many page builders and plugins that bring a new dimension to the content and page creation. WordPress did not just roll out these page builders and plugins; it has also taken the time to provide guidance on what each of them does and how they can be utilized for maximum benefits.

There are so many essential features that make each page builder unique. Some of these features include live editing, customized contents, pre designed layouts and elements, flexibility and suitability with other themes. WordPress understand the diversity of users and their needs. Hence, it has developed many page builders and plugins that address those needs. It does not matter if you are a programmer on not, these WordPress page builders and plugins have solutions for you. And you don’t need to worry about how to know the one you should choose. This article seeks to provide you with a guide on which of the page builders and plugins is suitable for you. Welcome to the world of endless opportunities.

SiteOrigin – WordPress Page Builder

`SiteOrigin is a WordPress page builder and plugin theme that was created to bring a new dimension to content page creation. It supports multilingual page contents. It is very popular among the WordPress page builders and plugins with an inbuilt interface that looks just like the WordPress. All pages created using SiteOrigin can perfectly fit into mobile devices. SiteOrigin widgets bundle has all the standard widgets you need to create your fantastic pages.

You don’t require coding to build your page when using SiteOrigin because it comes with a drag and drop functionality. When using SiteOrigin, all the efficient codes you need will be generated by the page builder. With SiteOrigin, you are not limited to the pre built layouts, and it gives you the flexibility you need to customize every segment of your page. Even if you are not sure of what you want, the inbuilt row builder will guide you in building a balanced content.

SiteOrigin supports live editing; it enables you to see your contents and edit widget to suit your desired outcome on a real-time basis. It also allows you to roll back and forward to see changes you have made in building your web page.

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Beaver Builder – Page Builder For WordPress Website

WordPress has developed Beaver Builder as a page builder you can trust to effectively showcase your business. Don’t be left behind, join the community of over five hundred thousand WordPress websites built using Beaver Builder. Part of the most prominent features in Beaver Builder include: giving you the control of your web pages to create it and make it look the way you want, it enables you to build responsive pages that are very fast, and it offers you unlimited site licenses.

Beaver Builder comes with dozens of excellent templates. You can choose a template from the pre designed ones and change the image and text to yours. In fact, it enables you to save your designs as templates and use them anything you want. It has the drag and drop interface that gives you total control of your layouts. It enables you to separate your theme from your page builder and take absolute control of your content without losing anything. Beaver Builder is awesome, don’t miss it!

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WPBakery – Best Page Builder Plugin For WordPress

WPBakery is a fantastic WordPress Page Builder plugin; it was formally called Visual Composer. This is one of the most used WordPress Page Builder plugins with over Two million users. This fantastic plugin for WordPress enables you to customise and take control of your pages with the use of drag and drop interface. It does not matter who you are, WPBakery offers you endless opportunities. It does not require programming skills. It enables responsive designs that can be displayed on mobile devices with an elegant look.

With the use of WPBakery, you can work with any WordPress theme of your choice to create your unique web pages. It comes with many beautiful pre designed elements and layout you can choose to use, you can create customized pages that fit into your brand identity using WPBakery. It is user-friendly, you don’t have to struggle to add new content. It also comes with advance grid builder bundle that helps you to display posts, portfolio and many more.

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Elementor – #1 WordPress Page Builder

Elementor is a beautiful WordPress Page Builder that enables users to use any theme of their choice for any page. With Elementor, there is no need to drag, drop and wait. It allows you to design on the front end with a real-time result. It is very fast and simple to use. It is the first free open source front end page builder. It does not require prior coding knowledge. Elementor is a fantastic page builder that allows you to change your theme and still maintain your designs, your landing pages, your posts, products and portfolio. It can be used to create a design for any page and customized post on WordPress.

Elementor enables you to change or resize your column with the drag and hold until the column change to your desired choice. With Elementor you can position your column and contents in any position of your choice. Page builder has never been more exciting than this, ensure you grab yours.

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King Composer – Lighweight & Powerful Page Builder Plugin

King Composer is a fantastic WordPress Page Builder Plugin that is suitable for both the WordPress experts and beginners. It gives you a pleasant and seamless experience at both the front-end and the back-end. King Composer accepts live demo without installation. It is fast in operation; it has free open source, it allows you to change your theme without losing your designs, your home pages, your landing pages, posts and portfolio. It comes with a high performance back-end editor, and it makes working with a large number of contents simple.

King Composer gives you allowance to make real-time changes on your page. King Composer is fully responsive; it can be viewed on mobile devices without losing it excellent designs and look. It comes with over 40 website templates for both the back-end and front-end editor. It enables you to copy and paste anything with access to more than 850 Google fonts. Build your pages without buying extra extensions with King Composer.

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